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  • What is the difference between an electric welding machine and a butt welding machine?

    What is the difference between an electric welding machine and a butt welding machine?

  • Manufacturing process of electric welding machine

    Core area of A=1.25* root P (power).

    The core takes 8500 Gauss.

    The number of turns per volt is T=450000/8500*S (sectional area)

    The carrying capacity of enameled wire is 2.5A-3.5A/mm2

    Winding of miniature transformer:

    Winding of iron core in small transformer

    With the large use of electronic components in the control, monitoring and automatic circuit of power plants, the application of miniature transformers is becoming more and more widespread. Because of the damage of small transformers, the market is difficult to buy at once, so we should also master the winding of small transformers.

    Design of miniature transformer

    The design of a small transformer, the main steps are as follows: (1) calculation of power transformer; (2) the calculation of transformer core; (3) calculating transformer coil number; (4) calculating the sectional area of transformer winding wire; (5) calculation and insulation wire of transformer core winding window to accommodate.

    1.1 power calculation

    The power of the transformer can be calculated according to the following formula

    P=IV (1)

    P - electric power;

    I - current;

    V - voltage.

    First calculate the secondary power, then calculate the primary power. The total power coil (i.e. transformer power) of the species. And the calculation method of silicon steel sheet, the secondary power and power consumption is the primary power, in general, the core power consumption is about 15%, which is the primary power formula is as follows

    P1=1.18 P2 (2)

    Primary power in P1;

    P2 - secondary power.

    Calculation of 1.2 iron core

    After the power of the transformer is calculated, the effective cross sectional area of the core can be calculated by using the following formula


    Where A is the core of effective cross-sectional area (cm2), the number 1.2 is according to the different types of iron through the empirical formula obtained by the general transformer silicon steel sheet by the magnetic flux density of 1 ~ 1.2 T, with the formula (3); if the motor silicon steel magnetic flux density of 0.8 ~ 1 T, the formula (3). From 1.2 to 1.6; as the ordinary iron sheet with magnetic flux density of 0.6 ~ 0.7 T, the formula (3) in 1.2 to 2.

    The above is the method used to select the core when the electric power is known. If the core is available, the power of winding can be calculated by the lower type.


    The effective cross sectional area of the core is A=, core width (CM) * core overlap thickness (cm).

    Calculation of 1.3 turns

    When the effective cross sectional area of the iron core is found, the number of turns per volt should be calculated. The formula is as follows


    In the formula, T is the number of turns per volt, B is the core magnetic flux density (T), and A is the core effective cross sectional area (C, M2). The core flux density can be selected according to the calculation of the front iron core, and the number of turns per volt can be calculated according to the primary voltage of the transformer. The formula for calculating the total number of turns is as follows

    T1=TV1 (6)

    T1 in the formula - primary total turns;

    V1 - primary voltage.

    Because the secondary voltage is induced by primary induction, there is a certain loss in the core, and the secondary winding has a certain resistance to the wire. Therefore, when calculating the number of turns in the secondary winding, 5% should be added. The total number of secondary turns is calculated as follows

    T2=1.05 TV2 (7)

    T2 in the formula - the total number of secondary turns;

    V2 - secondary voltage.

    Calculation of cross section area of 1.4 winding wire

    The thickness of the wire is determined by the magnitude of the current and the current can be calculated by the formula I=P/V. The choice of current density is related to the usage ration of transformer. In general, the current density J of wire can be used 2.5 A/mm2, so the sectional area of the conductor is calculated by the next type

    That is


    Type S - traverse sectional area (mm2);

    D - wire diameter (mm).

    Calculation of conductor and insulation of 1.5 core window receiving winding

    In addition to the accounting results needs, but also master the interlayer insulating liner, thickness and diameter of the wire with insulation. Kraft paper for general interlayer insulation with a thickness of 0.05 mm. For thick wire winding, the layer can also be used 0.12 mm thick green shell paper or thick kraft paper; if the diameter is thin, can use thick about 0.02 ~ 0.03 mm transparent?

  • How does the electricity of the welder form a passage?

    You said the welder is more than 380V AC welding machine, in fact, the welding machine is a step-down transformer, a high voltage input (such as 220V, 380V, 660V), the current is probably around twenty. The two output voltage is about forty or fifty volts, and the current is about 100A. Since the individual electrical center is not grounded, the current only passes at the two side only when it is connected.

    Also: you are talking about the line of fire, but the two lines are definitely not in phase. If so, that would be impossible.

    For example: in the 380V three-phase four wire, the voltage between the ABC phase is 380V, and the voltage between ABC and N is 220V, so, not to say that there is no zero line, but to see what the rated voltage of your welding machine is.

    Long winded so much, a bit of a mess, don't know you understand?

  • What is the difference between welding machine ZX5 and ZX7?

    I don't know how I got the 15 level on the first floor Do not know the answer is. ZX5 is thyristor type DC arc welding machine, that is, using thyristor to AC output of welding machine, rectifier into DC output. The ZX5 welder is heavy because of the transformer in it.

    ZX7 is the inverter DC arc welding machine, is the three-phase or single-phase AC rectifier, a DC obtained after filtering, inverter circuit composed of IGBT the DC into dozens of KHZ AC, the main step-down transformer, the rectification filter principle stable DC output welding current is inverter welder. Inverter welding machine is light and heavy. And inverter welder performance is very good.

  • Working principle diagram of seeking direct current 500A welding machine

    The problem is not clear, DC manual welding, gas welding, argon arc welding, and diode rectifier, thyristor welding, IGBT, etc. the transformer is generally the voltage input, then the transformer step-down, then rectifier diode, or a crystal tube, coupled with the reactor filter, and the output of the inverter is the voltage input, then rectifier, then through IGBT reverse into communication, then again through a step-down transformer, rectifier, output etc..

  • 10 questions for electric welding machine?

    10 problems of electric welding machine:

    1. how long is the guarantee period of the welder?

    How much is the safety factor of 2. electric welding machine?

    3. where is the best electric welding machine produced?

    4. what kinds of electric welding machines do you have?

    5. what can welding machine welding?

    6. nationwide distribution of welding machine?

    7. power consumption factor of electric welding machine?

    8. application description of electric welding machine?

    9. is there any automatic welding machine?

    10. importance of electric welding machine to the country?